Schindler e Pio XII: fiction a confronto

Posted on 1 novembre 2010

Se su Anna Frank i botta e risposta all’accusa di frode si rincorrono lasciando nel dubbio noi poveri spettatori, diverso è per l’altrettanto noto Schindler’s List.

Ora, non pare vero, come alcuni ultraortodossi volevano imporre, che Schindler’s list sia un documentario girato in diretta da un cameramen poi convertito al sufismo.

Ma non pare vero neppure che il lungometraggio si appoggi a un mero fatto di cronaca e storia: quanto a una fiction

Infatti dietro a Spielberg ci starebbe Keneally, un romanziere che, partendo da una serie di informazioni verisimili, avrebbe poi imbastito la storia resa nota dall’altrettanto noto regista

Hollywood is not known for its accurate depictions of historical events. “Schindler’s List” is no exception. Only someone with a twisted worldview or some sort of mental disability would expect a Hollywood production to be faithful to events as they occurred. Thus, we do not expect Spielberg to deal with questions such as whether or not Schindler was working as a Zionist agent. Likewise, we do not expect Spielberg to introduce any ambiguities into his examination of Schindler’s character by dwelling on his postwar behavior, including the shabby way he treated his wife. Avoiding issues such as these make it easier to tell the story, but they do nothing to enhance the film’s historical accuracy.”Schindler’s List” the movie is based on Thomas Keneally’s book of the same name, which is clearly presented as a work of fiction, and indexed by the Library of Congress as such. From this novel, writer Steven Zaillian created the screenplay from which Spielberg shot the movie — which we are now told is virtually a documentary of what actually happened. To its credit, Universal Pictures goes no farther than advertising the film as “based on a true story.”

 This is correct, up to a point. There really was an Oskar Schindler who was married to a woman named Emilie. There was also an Amon Goeth, a factory by the name of Deutsche Emailwaren Fabrik, and a camp by the name of Plaszow. Most everything else is made up, or altered to fit the needs of the story. One good example is that whereas the film’s Schindler is penniless at the end of the war, in reality he had piles of money when he went into hiding.

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Negazionismo? Fate un po’ voi, a me basta sia una notizia vera.

 Del resto di eroi che fecero à la Schindler, ma lo fecero davvero, ne abbiamo tanti anche in patria: Perlasca, certo, ma anche Pacelli di cui in qualche mese fa uscì una nuova testimonianza preziosa di un suo collaboratore ormai novantenne: don Giancarlo Centioni (

In queste sere non perdetevi la nuova fiction, appunto su Pio XII. Quella sì sarà chiamat fiction eppure, finalmente, ci dirà qualcosa di storicamente e non solo letterariamente

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