Incendi in Israele: come ti spiego un popolo

Posted on 19 dicembre 2010

Gilad Atzmon, ebreo ostile alla deriva dei suoi correligionari, e in particolare antisionista dichiarato, spiega così l’incendio che sta devastando il monte Carmelo e dintorni:

1 – conferma il caso imbarazzante di uno stato che attorno a sé vede solo nemici

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu hurried to the scene of the fire on Thursday. He requested the help of the U.S, Greece, Italy, Russia, and Cyprus to send additional forces to aid the Israeli firemen. A normal country would probably ask for the help of its neighbours, but the Jewish state doesn’t have neighbours. It made all its neighbours into enemies.

2 – mostra che ‘casualmente’ le fiamme hanno lambito zone verdi simbolo della tradizione recente palestinese

But the story here goes far deeper.  The fire in northern Israel is far from being a coincidence. Israel’s rural landscape is saturated with pine trees. These trees are totally new to the region. They were not there until the 1930’s. The pine trees were introduced to  the Palestinians landscape in the early 1930s  by the Jewish National Fund (JNF) in an attempt to  ‘reclaim the land’ . By 1935, JNF had planted 1.7 million trees over a total area of 1,750 acres. Over fifty years, the JNF planted over 260 million trees largely on confiscated Palestinian land. It did it all in a desperate attempt to hide the ruins of the ethnically cleansed Palestinian villages and their history.

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